Trinity Church Leadership 2023

Administrative Council Members

Chair:                                                Alfred Munro

Co-Chair:                                          Randy Laird

Lay Leader:                                      Craig Seasholtz

Lay Delegate:                                  Wanda Munro

Alternate Lay Delegate:                Craig Seasholtz

Recording Secretary:                     Randy Laird

Treasurer:                                         Wanda Munro

Assistant Treasurer:                       Julie Wagner

Financial Secretary:                        Susan Stamm

Christian Education:                      Roxann Laird

Finance Chair:                                 Harold Fravel 

Fellowship & Hospitality:              Marcia Stout - Chair

                                                            Susan Stamm (Meal Coordinator)

                                                            Janet Miller & Sheree Ulsamer (On-Site)

Lay Leadership:                               Pastor Brian Moyer

Membership:                                   Louise Anderson

Staff-Parish Chair:                        John German (AVIS UMC)             

Trustee Chair:                                Wade Sheddy

Worship Chair:                                Leanne Hill                    

Youth Ministry:                               TBA

Mission:                                            Chick Empfield/Roxann Laird

Member At Large:                           

Historian:                                          TBA

Young Adults:                                   TBA

Safe Sanctuary Coordinator:         Roxann Laird

Staff-Parish Relations: Lay Leader & Lay Delegate are non-voting members

Class of 2023 Randy Laird2 Sherman Shadle2

Class of 2024 George Knieser

Class of 2025 Dean Johnson 


Class of 2023 Wade Sheddy Lyn Thompson

Class of 2024 Ron Markle Rich Ulmer Leanne Hill

Class of 2025 Kevin Hill Crystal Way

Charge Treasurer:  Wanda Munro (Trinity UMC)


Chair: Harold Fravel                                                   Pastor: Brian Moyer

Ad Council Chair: Alfred Munro                                   Lay Leader: Craig Seasholtz

Auditors: Linda Myers/Wade Sheddy                          Lay Delegate:  Wanda Munro

Financial Secretary: Susan Stamm                               Trustee Rep:  

Treasurer: Wanda Munro                                         SPRC Rep:   

Memorial Fund:  Wanda Munro                                 Randy Laird


Christian Education:  Roxann Laird, Bob Miller, Janet Miller, Craig Seasholtz, Randy Laird


Worship:  Chair (Leanne Hill)

Organist (Todd Benner)                         Hand Bell Director (Wanda Munro),

Choir Director  (Todd Benner)              Ensemble Leader  (Harold Fravel)

Flower Coordinator  (Barb McLaughlin)   Communion Coordinator  (Brenda Mumma)

Skits & Plays (Roxann Laird)                  Randy Laird, Leanne Hill, 

Lyn Thompson, Pastor Brian Moyer


Lay Leadership:

Chair: Pastor Brian Moyer 

Class of 2023 Betty Hill

Class of 2024 Jeannine Sheddy Terri Hager

Class of 2025 Tammy Seasholtz