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General Conference Meeting at Trinity UMC - Monday, Feb 3rd at 7pm and Wednesday Feb 5th at 9:30am
both meetings will cover the same material

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

As a follow up to the announcement I shared in church on Sunday morning. Attached is a link to the whole document. The Bishop's letter and the whole document is also printed out and in a binder in the back of the church.

The entire work can be found by going to http://bit.ly/protocoldoc.

As you follow the link to the protocol, you will also see the names of persons who all agreed to support and work for the passage of this way forward. The signers of this protocol represent diverse groups with different theological perspectives throughout our church.

This is not a finished document. It is a road map for General Conference to consider among a number of others. You will not find all the specifics of the plan outlined. The specifics are currently being developed so that the total plan can be presented to the delegates of the 2020 General Conference.

This is only one of many plans and petitions sent to General Conference, and the body of the General Conference can and most likely will change things. Remember, General Conference is the only body that can speak for the church and also pass legislation and make changes to the Book of Discipline.

Please lookout for more information including up and coming meetings at the church, where you can come and hear and learn more. Remember, take a deep breath, pause, be still and know that God is God and join me and many others in prayer.

Peace and Blessing,
Pastor Brian